Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mt. Baker

What day is it? I take it as a good sign that I'm asking myself this question frequently. After leaving Whistler in the typical Pacific Northwest Rain-Fog, we said goodbye to Dave and hello to the Dodge Avenger. We roared into Vancouver and tried to pose as Canadians. We had pho for early lunch and then visited the Museum of Vancouver in order to pass the time before late lunch: sushi+cappuccinos. I should mention here that so far Mike has managed to eat salmon, raw or cooked, at least once a day. He says he wants to be one with the bears. Finally it was time to head south to Baker. Between the torrential downpour, gulag-style architecture, and far too expensive parking meters (4 quarters gives you 20 minutes? What??), we agreed to cross Vancouver off the potential-places-to-live list.

By Saturday evening we had arrived in Maple Falls, Washington. The rain had melted all traces of snow. The only sign of life was a pair of patrolling Canada Geese, guarding the muddy driveway up to the 'Retreat Unit,' our trailer in the woods. We cozied up on the saggy leather couch and thought, well this will be romantic! Then Mr. Mouse peaked around the corner. Then I looked at the ancient gas heater. I suddenly realized my worries over tree wells palled in comparison to death by hantavirus or carbon monoxide poisoning. Long story short, the next day we had the owners put in a CO alarm, bought some mouse traps, and slept well (we sent two to mouse-heaven, but they died fat and happy after munching my chocolate bar and BOTH of our delicious plastic-wrapped muffins the night before).

Mike is going to be complaining now that I'm not even talking about the skiing! Mike skied a half day on Sunday and I hung in the lodge letting my knee recover. We both skied on Monday. The conditions were pretty wet, but fun nonetheless. The sun peaked out periodically. We had some great spring skiing runs, had fun on the runnels, and avoided the bergschrunds (observe my new snow lingo). The overall impression? A tame family/local mountain that happens to have some massive cliffs and overally-aggressive signage. And lots of snow.

After poaching some wi-fi (gotta download those Wire episodes...) in town, we built a campfire and went to bed. Tuesday morning we drove to Kicking Horse. Stay tuned.

The Retreat Unit

Crazy Monster Trees on the drive up to Mt. Baker 
Runnels caused by lots of rain. Mike called them butt cracks. I thought it was more like a giant's mattress.

Mike hucking a 360 off the half pipe. Note the chairs with no safety bars in the background

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  1. Your "Retreat Lodge" escapade is hilarious, I would have loved to have seen your face!!! Glad you are having fun, Whistler looked amazing skiing...I can feel the burn from my office chair! Hugs, Elaine