Sunday, February 9, 2014


Alrighty, for all the family and friends out there excited to hear our plans, here they are. The ski dates are all locked in due to lodging and visiting parties. The South America trip is more skeletal, but all plane tickets are purchased, which segments the trip nicely.

Adventure numero uno
March 4: we embark for Vancouver!
March 5-7: Whistler, BC
March 8-11: Mt. Baker, Washington
March 12-18: Kicking Horse (Golden, BC)
March 19: Fly out of Vancouver back East

Adventure numero dos
March 22: Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina .... until March 25, when we fly to Patagonia.
March 25-April 3: Patagonia, primarily Chilean side.
April 3-10: Salamanca, Chile (to see Luke!)
April 10-29: Peru! (Luke and Maca join through the 17th)
April 29: Mike and Nellie return to Vermont, pleased and exhausted.

Adventure numero tres
Road trip. Sights on the Mountain West. Maybe some r&r on Sutton Island beforehand.
Return date: July 1?


New skis ready to rip...


  1. Sounds like so much fun! And well planned

    PS can we take bets on how many of these Michael will post vs Nellie? :-)

    1. I'm with you, Libby -- if we get one from Mike, I'll be astonished!

  2. Have fun in Vancouver, my most favorite beautiful-view-from-anywhere city. Love the totem poles at the Native American museum park.